Tired of stakeholders not using your data products or insights?

We got you covered.

In 3 interactive workshops, you'll learn the key communication skills


  • 1x 3-hour interactive workshop


  • 3x 3-hour interactive workshop

  • In between sessions: bite-sized content + challenges


  • Full training program

  • 3 hours 1-on-1 coaching

Included in sign-up

  • Copy of the book: "People Skills for Analytical Thinkers"

  • Access to the MindSpeaking community

What you will learn

  • How to uncover the real business need: the question behind the question. You’ll learn how to deal with a person saying: “I want AI.”

  • How to win the confidence of the end-users of your data products

  • The 3 areas of communication skills

  • The 4 main mindsets you need to make a big impact in your data work

  • The single question to instantly gain buy-in from stakeholders

  • How to influence key decision-makers


Who this workshop is for

  • You work with data, probably as a data scientist or analyst


What you can expect

  • Interactive workshops of 3 hours each, packed with practical lessons you can apply in your job right away

  • We won't use Zoom. I promise, we have a much more engaging alternative. No installation required.

Your trainer

Gilbert Eijkelenboom

As featured by

Steven Twigge

Gilbert combines a wealth of knowledge and a very pleasant personality. His workshops contain essential insights for every professional that works in the field of data and demanding stakeholders.

Angela Baltes

I have been immensely impressed with his skill level as well as his understanding of communication in data science. Gilbert is pleasant to work with, is creative and thoughtful in approach/methods, and can express his ideas clearly.

Jonathan Papworth

Love his book, and loved his workshop that ties nicely together. Gilbert clearly explains how to be aware of our emotions and control them with a simple to use algorithms by sharing his own life experiences. Great to work with!

Who we've worked with

Why MindSpeaking


Where will these workshop take place?

Online. We won't use Zoom, because we have a much more engaging alternative. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Even if it's 3 AM in your time zone - we will keep you awake ;-)


What is the maximum number of participants?

Workshops have only 8 seats. We keep our groups small to maximize learning for each person signing up.


I’ve already read the book “People Skills for Analytical Thinkers”. Will I learn something new?

Yes. This course contains new content. We will also apply concepts from the book, but always with a focus on practice.


Is this a webinar?

No. It’s a workshop. We will cover the newest scientific insights, but our focus is on doing. Everyone will have their camera and microphone on, to maximize learning.

Does the price include tax?

Yes, prices include 21% tax (The Netherlands)

Where do I purchase my ticket? 

You can get your ticket via the orange button below.

Why am I redirected to an external website when I try to register? 

Our partnering company, The Essentials Workshops, takes care of ticketing.

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