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GAME framework for Data presentations

Learn how to present your Data in a Story, so that your audience appreciates and implements your insights.

Course go live in...

I’m sharing everything that I’ve learned in the last 9 years in my online course about Data Storytelling: from Insight to Impact.

Many people have asked me to create this course. 

And now it's finally done!

The course will go live in a few days… March 22nd!

You’ll learn how to:

✅ Convert your Data into a Story

✅ Present your Data with confidence

✅ Avoid overwhelming your audience with details


As a result, people will listen and act on your insights

Storytelling is a skill you can learn, just like coding.


💡I’ll teach you the frameworks that I’ve used in my Data Storytelling training with companies all over the world (like ING, Philips, Capgemini, and Johnson & Johnson).

I’ve tested the content with thousands of Data professionals — now I’ll give you exactly what’s working best.

Because that’s what I care about.


Helping others is WHY I founded MindSpeaking in the first place.

🚀 In the coming days, I'll publish more videos with practical tips for your Data presentations.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you what’s the ONE thing you need to do before starting to create your Data presentation.

So, click below, join the waitlist, and check the video in your inbox tomorrow!

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