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Make people listen &
act on your data insights

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Priyo Chatterjee, Ph.D.

Head of Data Science, Meta

June 27, 2022, Priyo was Gilbert’s client

Data Science can be truly impactful only if Data Scientists are able to communicate effectively with the business. This is where Gilbert has unique expertise. I have known Gilbert for many years and have benefited both directly (through discussions) and indirectly (through his outstanding book) from his advice and coaching. I highly recommend him.

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Jeroen Edeling RC.png

Jeroen Edeling RC

Director of Data & Analytics Commerce at Albert Heijn

April 3, 2022, Jeroen was Gilbert’s client 

Two weeks ago Gilbert gave an inspiring masterclass to our data science and advanced analytics community (~80 attendees). His presentation skills are highly engaging and his examples and tips both recognizable and ready-to-use in practice. I would strongly recommend Gilbert if you work in the field of analytics and want your team to become (even) more effective in presenting their ideas and insights to the business.

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Floor Philippen

Customer Journey Expert | Data Analyst | Fraud & Cybersecurity | ING

Nov 21, 2022, Floor was Gilbert’s client

Gilbert's MindSpeaking training program is one of the few trainings that managed to stick with me, because the setup allows you develop a routine to implement all you've learned. The energetic, interactive workshops were super informative, adapted to all different preferred communication styles and also a lot of fun. It was great to see how everyone dared to be vulnerable and share personal stories, undoubtedly thanks to Gilbert’s personal approach and patience. I know I’m a better DA now then I was before the program, so I highly recommended to follow the program!

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Bridge the gap

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If you have ever heard... 

  • "This is not a priority at the moment."

  • "I'm not sure if this will help us."

  • "This is too technical for me."

  • "I'm lost in the details."

... then you need Data Storytelling


Get people to use your data work, without spending hours on a presentation.

You’ve worked hard on a dashboard. Or a predictive model.
Or you’ve done an analysis, and now you have valuable insights.

You feel productive. Passionate. Proud.

But then, you discover that people are not using what you’ve created. Your hard work dies in a dusty Inbox folder.

Buried under hundreds of other priorities. Frustrating.

You think: “Why don't they listen? The data is the truth.”

You are not alone.
This is what many Data Analysts and Scientists experience.

But there is a way to prevent this frustration.



  • Presenting with confidence

  • People listening to your data

  • Seeing the impact of your dashboard and insights

  • People understanding and appreciating your hard work

That's what this course will do.

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Learn storytelling and see your Data career take off.

Your trainer

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My mission is to help Data Analysts and Scientists become confident communicators and increase their impact at work. This is what I've achieved with my courses in the past. But if you aren't happy with the course, just email me within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund.

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