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Painful Feedback, Satisfying Growth

Have you ever received painful feedback?

I have.

“Your voice is flat. Everyone is falling asleep.”


The feedback of my manager feels like a punch in my stomach.


This was 5 years ago, right after I gave a presentation.

Could my manager have delivered the message in a nicer way?

Of course.

But did the message have impact?



I struggled, but I tried to stay curious. What if my manager is right?

I started researching on YouTube.

"Monotone voice."

"How to improve intontation."

"Keeping the attention of the audience."


In the months after, I put my new knowledge into practice.

Whether in a business presentation, a catch up with a friend, or a phone call with my mom.

Slowly, the practice became a habit.

I'm still far from perfect.

But apparently I am much better at keeping people from falling asleep.

People told me: “Your voice sounds engaging and convincing.”

How different from 5 years ago.


The moment I received the feedback was painful.

But I’m thankful for my manager’s honesty.

And I’m glad I listened.

The words were a much needed wake-up call.

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