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Learn how to captivate, convince, and inspire your audience with data. 

Data Storytelling

July 14th



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Starting time: 9 AM (New York) // 3 PM (Amsterdam)

Duration: 3 hours


You’ve worked hard on a dashboard. Or a predictive model. Or you’ve performed a deep analysis, and now you have valuable insights.

You feel productive. Passionate. Proud.

But then, you discover that people are not using what you’ve created. Your hard work dies in a dusty Inbox folder.


Buried under hundreds of other priorities.




You think: “Why do they not listen?”

You are not alone. This is what many data professionals experience.

But there is a way to prevent this frustration. A way to make a bigger impact with your data.

What you will learn

  • The story framework that will make your stakeholders act on your insights

  • How to captivate your audience

  • Practice storytelling in a safe environment

  • Creating memorable presentations, even in a virtual setting

  • How to explain technical knowledge to a non-technical audience

Included in your sign-up

  • The bestselling book: "People Skills for Analytical Thinkers"

  • Access to the MindSpeaking community

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Small group. Big learning.

Maximum 8 participants per workshop.​


What you can expect

  • An interactive workshop of 3 hours, packed with practical lessons you can apply in your job right away.

  • We won't use Zoom. I promise, we have a much more engaging alternative. You only need your browser.

I'm on a mission.


Data & Analytics professionals are smart people with great ideas. 


I believe their ideas should be heard. 


Unfortunately, many insights and data products are never used by the business. 

My mission is to help Data & Analytics professionals become confident communicators, so that they get the best out of the data and the best out of themselves.

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Your trainer

Gilbert Eijkelenboom

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Clients include

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Where will these workshop take place?

Online. We won't use Zoom, because we have a much more engaging alternative. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Even if it's 3 AM in your time zone - I will keep you awake ;-)


What is the maximum number of participants?

Workshops have only 8 seats. I keep groups small to maximize learning for each person signing up.


I’ve already read the book “People Skills for Analytical Thinkers”. Will I learn something new?

Yes. This course contains new content. We will also apply concepts from the book, but always with a focus on practice.


Is this a webinar?

No. It’s a workshop. We will cover the newest scientific insights, but our focus is on doing. Everyone will have their camera and microphone on, to maximize learning.

Does the price include tax?

Yes, prices include 21% VAT (The Netherlands)

Where do I purchase my ticket? 

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