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1-2-1 MindSpeaking: 2 types of Data Analysts

In this month's edition, you will find:

🧠 1 Tip for Data & Analytics — 2 types of Data Analysts

🎙️ 2 MindSpeaking Podcast episodes about how to increase adoption of dashboards and how to engage stakeholders.

🤔 1 Quote about a metric of success.

🧠 1 tip for Data & Analytics

Let's do a quick check.

What type of Data Analyst are you?

A developing Data Analyst:

❌ Just delivers what people ask for

❌ Jumps into problem-solving

❌ Thinks the data speaks for itself

❌ Focuses on technical details

❌ Presents dry facts

​An impactful Data Analyst:

✅ Delivers what people NEED. Not just what they ask for.

✅ Asks open questions

✅ Involves stakeholders and gets buy-in

✅ Focuses on business outcomes

✅ Tells stories with data

It's easy for us to say:

I fall in category 2: impactful Data Analyst.

But is that always the case?

We're often biased.

The best way to get more self-aware is to ask for feedback.

In 2015, I asked for feedback from a few senior colleagues.

When I sent the email, I felt unsure:

"What will they say?"

My worries were unnecessary. They shared lots of positive points.

However, I will never forget what they said about how I can improve.

  • "You need to speak up more."

  • "Stop being modest. Better to ask for forgiveness later."

  • "Tell where we need to go, even if you're not 100% sure."

In the months after, I implemented my feedback.

I tried to be less cautious.

I tried to take more initiative.

I'll never be the loudest person. But I learned how to speak up, take initiative, and be assertive when needed.

This helped me become a better Data Analyst, entrepreneur, and a more balanced person.

3-step framework for life-changing insights

In the video below (42 sec), I'll share the 3-step framework I used to ask for feedback.

You ask people these 3 questions:

  1. What should I keep doing

  2. What should I start doing?

  3. What should I stop doing?

We all know feedback is important.

But when was the last time you asked for feedback?

Send the email to your colleagues today.

It can change your career.

🎙️ 2 MindSpeaking Podcast episodes

Learn how to create impactful data products with Brian T. O'Neill. Brian merges analytics with artistry to solve the 'last mile' problem. Dive in for a blend of data, design, and drumbeats!

Get ready for a mix of humorous stories, practical data visualization tips, and expert advice on engaging with stakeholders. Nick Kelly is the author of Delivering Data Analytics and his insights are a game-changer for any data professional!

🤔 1 Quote to reflect on

“Make feedback normal. Not a performance review.”

— Ed Batista

All companies say that feedback is important.

But how many employees give and ask feedback on a weekly or even daily basis?

That's a good metric of success.

Thank you for reading.

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