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The Single Habit That Benefits Everyone

I swipe my card and the office gate opens.

Lunch time.

With the first step outside I feel the cold wind against my skin and see the clouds cuddling together.

Luckily I am wearing a warm jacket that protects me like a bulletproof vest in a war.

On the way to lunch, there is this small grey wall that everyone passes.

Every day. But no one notices.

It seems old and not maintained.

Now someone decided that it needs a new layer of paint.

That’s what I am assuming, as I see a guy moving a brush.

Up and down.

Up and down.

Another layer of grayness.

That no one cares about.

The bags under the eyes of the painter suggest that he had a tough night of sleep.

Did his kids wake him up every hour?

Is he in the middle of the divorce?

I don’t know, and I can’t help him.

Can I?

Again I look at the grey wall.

Honestly, the new paint did improve it.

Everyone is passing without granting the wall a glance.

Then I look back at the tired painter with his slouching posture.

I look at him, and with a smile I say: “That looks better! I am glad you are taking care of it.”

The painter’s eyes open and the corners of his mouth rise.

“Thank you.” He says gratefully.

While I wish him a good day, I continue my long strides.

When I look over my right shoulder, I see that the painter is still smiling.

He stands straight.

Focusing on his brush, moving it up and down.

10 seconds

It doesn’t cost anything to compliment a stranger. Just 10 seconds to step outside of your safe bubble. Moving out of your standard flow to briefly connect with another person.

It doesn't always bring a remarkable result, and that's okay.

Because the effect of encouraging someone can be tremendous.

You may give someone’s life a bit more meaning.

We can all do so, not only when managing people in your job.

There are many ways to brighten the day of other people in our life.

Who will you compliment today?

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