Increase the business impact of your data team

Many data insights are not used by the business.

Let's get to the heart of the challenge.

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Often, the main challenge is not data or technology. 

It's psychology — the gap between Data and Business.

Technical skills are not enough


Data professionals may have have the best insights, the most accurate predictions, or the fanciest algorithm.


But all that matters is business impact. And if you can't communicate your analytical work, your impact is limited.

That's why it's crucial to invest in communication skills training.


Not a general training. But instead, training created specifically for Data professionals.


It's how you bridge gap between Data and Business.

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Increase your business impact

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More value from data

soft skills

Retain your data talent

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Training program

Workshop 1:
Business Understanding

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Workshop 2: 
Buy-in & 

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Workshop 3: 



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people skills for analytical thinkers

Proven methodology

Based on my bestselling book: "People Skills for Analytical Thinkers".

data driven solutions

Tailored to your needs

Share the challenges of your

organization and I help you tackle them. Online or in person.

data analytics

Learning analytics

Measurable training impact with skills evaluation before and after the program.

The MindSpeaking learning approach

Shortcuts don't reach the top.

Gradual process. Lasting impact. 

data driven approach

What people say

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