Another Analytics project without business impact? 

Get to the heart of the challenge.



of Analytics projects fail


Source: Gartner


the main challenge is not data or technology. 

The main challenge is the gap between Data and Business.

People in data and people in business roles do not only have a different job role.


They often have a different personality too.

That makes collaboration challenging.

As a data professional, you may have the best insights. The most accurate predictions. The fanciest algorithm.


But what matters is tangible business results.


And if you cannot communicate your results, your impact is 0. Zero.

Due to the gap, 

many data products are never used by the end-users.

As a result,

many data products are not used by the business

The Solution


In this unique approach, we bring Data and Business people together by helping them to value differences.
In an interactive workshop they collectively define main collaboration challenges and create a concrete plan for improvement.
Through experiential learning, data professionals develop the soft skills they need: 
>>   Asking high-quality questions 
>>   Communication with business stakeholders & gaining buy-in
>>   Persuasion & Data Storytelling to present results with impact
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Gilbert and I worked on a project together and I have been immensely impressed with his skill level as well as his understanding of emotional intelligence in data science. Gilbert is pleasant to work with, is creative and thoughtful in approach/methods, and can communicate his ideas clearly.

Angela Baltes

Data Scientist


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