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14 years ago, I was a professional poker player.
Every day I was optimizing my decisions based on data and human behavior.

"In this situation, what is my best play with Ace-King?"
I don’t play poker anymore, but I am still passionate about psychology and numbers.

My background in Behavioral Science gave me a theoretical understanding of human behavior. In my Data & Analytics career, I have experienced how this works in practice.

Also, I've learned that 85% of analytics projects fail (Gartner). Often, the main challenge is not data or technology. It's psychology.

As a Data professional, you may have the best insights. The most accurate predictions. The fanciest algorithm. 

But all that matters is business outcomes. 

Therefore data professionals need strong communication skills. 

In the last years, I've helped thousands of Data professionals communicate with business impact.

I use a human-centric approach to help companies get the best out of their data opportunities.

Through my training programs, Data & Analytics professionals learn how to ask better questions, communicate with the business, and present their results with data storytelling.

In other words: Soft Skills for Hard Problems.
Data can be lucrative.
Just like Ace-King in poker.
However, if you don’t play it in the right way, it will only cost you money.
Curious how you can play data as a trump card in your
Let's plan a call to discuss your chances.

Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Founder MindSpeaking

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Gilbert Eijkelenboom
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Thank you for your interest.

I'll get back to you soon.


​I've founded the company MindSpeaking, because I'm on a mission to help 100,000 analytical thinkers improve their people skills. Analytical thinkers are smart people with good ideas. I believe all good ideas need to be heard. 

MindSpeaking is about the 'Mind':

By learning about psychology, we improve both our job performance and the quality of our personal life.

MindSpeaking is about 'Speaking':

Speaking is how we express ideas and communicate our analytical work. 

MindSpeaking is about 'Speaking your Mind'.

MindSpeakers love to analyze, but try to avoid overthinking. Instead, we care about being honest and saying what's on our mind. 


What's in the name?

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