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The Art & Science of Conversation

Free email course for Analytical Thinkers

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  • Never run out of things to say

  • How to speak so that people will listen

  • Based on science, only 2 min/day

  • Been stuck in an awkward conversation, feeling you wanted to escape?

  • Told a story in a group, only see the others yawn?

  • Run out of things to say?

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Have you ever:

And conversations are crucial.
They are the start of everything:
A new job. A friendship. Even a partner for life.

Life is too short for boring conversations.

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  • How to deal with small talk and create interesting conversations

  • How to never run out of things to say 

  • What simple habit instantly boosts your confidence

  • The single question that will instantly improve your relationships

  • How to tell stories so that people love to listen

What you will learn:


  • 16 concise emails (once every 3 days)​

  • Valuable tips

  • Practical exercises

What to expect:

"Great insights! I'm so glad I found this course."

1-2: Your mindset in conversations
3-5: Asking high-quality questions
6-9: Answering questions & storytelling
10: Ending a conversation
11-13: Unleash your non-verbal superpowers
14-16: Pro tips: vulnerability and authenticity


Join 4,100 Analytical Thinkers and
transform your conversations:

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