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Analytics of Your Personal Growth

You went for a run...

Boom! Faster than last week.

That's what your phone tells you.

Motivating, right?

The problem is, this doesn't work for personal development.

It's hard to quantify.

Almost invisible.

The solution?


It does not only improve self-awareness.

Journaling also makes visible how you changed.

Sometimes, when I read what I wrote 5 years ago -

I'm happy to see what I've learned.

It's motivating.

And sometimes, my jaw drops: "Is THIS what I thought?"

I shake my head and start laughing.

Another way I try to understand my progress is by asking for feedback. This seems obvious, but I'm wondering how many people actually do this on a regular basis.

If you feel courageous, consider the "Dinner of Truth". You invite a friend over for dinner, and you ask him/her to share what annoys him/her about you.

🔹 How do you measure personal growth?

🔹 How do you track your progress?

🔹 What's your main KPI? 😉

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