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Artificial Intelligence: Turning hype into outcome

MindSpeaking Podcast Episode 8 - Andreas Welsch, VP at SAP

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Introducing Guest

Gilbert Eijkelenboom:

Today on the mind speaking podcast, I talk with Andreas Welsh. He is a VP at SAP and he has more than 20 years of experience in the software. Industry. His expertise is an artificial intelligence and Process automation. And he's turning hype into outcome is sharing his insights with his intelligence briefing via LinkedIn and his newsletter. And what we're talking about today is how to make AI projects a success, what type of mistakes to avoid, and how to foster AI mindset. Also, we talked about the role of empathy, communication, and a lot of tips how you can do this in your own organization. So I hope you enjoy this episode with Andreas Welsh. And Andreas, nice to see you again.

Andreas Welsch:

Hey, Gilbert, thanks for having me.

Gilbert Eijkelenboom:

I'm really looking forward to this conversation today. And we're gonna dive into a lot of different topics. For the people that are watching. They can see your background and I've not had many guests that are that have such a fantastic background. So I'm happy to see that in the first place.

Andreas Welsch:

Thank you so much. I'm really passionate about getting the topic of AI across them. So I wanted to make it as comfortable and as cozy as possible. Yeah, show a bit of personality.

Who is Andreas Welsch?

Gilbert Eijkelenboom:

Yeah, fantastic. I think it's going to be cozy conversation about AI SE and AI, light blinking in the background or clear in the background, and I'm looking forward and of course, we're gonna talk about AI but I'm also curious about you as a person. So I would like to hear a bit more about you. Where did you gr