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The Best Career Insurance (Hint: Employment isn't a safe bet)

“Entrepreneurship is risky.”

I agree.

But in many ways, blindly betting on employment is a GAMBLE too.

In the short term, entrepreneurship involves lots of uncertainty:

  • No contract.

  • No guarantees.

  • No stable income.

But in the long term, employment is risky too.

  • Some people in corporate jobs stay in their comfort zone for years. They are experts at internal processes, but beginners when it comes to the most in-demand skills. All of a sudden, a reorganization eliminates their job.

  • Other people climb the corporate ladder successfully, but then realize the job leaves them unfulfilled. They put the ladder against the wrong wall.

I’m not saying that everyone should become an entrepreneur.

But seeing employment as a riskless path is a mistake.

Whether you are employed or work as an entrepreneur:

Your best career insurance is to find the intersection of these 3 areas:

1. What you LOVE doing;

2. What you are TALENTED at;

3. What people will PAY you for;

And then go all-in on learning.

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