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Fear is Your Best Advisor: How to Listen?

Slowly I walk to the desk of the director in the Barcelona office.

I delayed this moment for days.

I created a 12-hour training program from scratch.

And I’m about to ask him if I can train the whole office.

This means a lot to me. 

I feel anxious.

With every step a new doubt crosses my mind.

  • “What if the training not as good as I imagined?”

  • “He’s probably too busy now.”

  • “Billable projects have priority anyway.”

Excuse after excuse.

Reasons to get back to my desk.

Then I realize these sounds are a confirmation that I need to step forward.

“Come on, you got this.”

How it started

I helped a few juniors consultants in the office by teaching them what I had learned.

How to create your career vision, increase productivity, and build strong relationships.

It started with 10 minutes one day. 

10 minutes became half an hour.

And soon it escalated.

In parallel with my consulting project I made time to work on a slide deck. A little bit every day.

It was my own secret mission.

Putting what I had learned from books and my own experience into practice.

Moving ahead

Fast-forward one year and I have given trainings for various companies: Cognizant, Capgemini and ABN AMRO. Next month I will add Swapfiets to that list.

There is one training I particularly enjoy delivering: presentation skills.

Probably because I have a vivid memory of my first presentation at University.




I am glad I can help others so they do not make the same mistakes.

The energy from working with groups –

It feels great.

Seeing people grow, step by step –


All-in or finding a balance?

I don’t know where this will end.

Maybe I will start my own business to help young professionals in the first steps of their career.

Or I will keep a combination of training and consulting work.

The only thing I know for sure is that if I wouldn’t have walked to the director in Barcelona, my career would have looked differently.

Fear as an advisor

There is this Dutch saying that “fear is a bad advisor”.

I would say the opposite is true: fear is the best advisor. 

Don’t listen to what it screams inside your head.

Instead, let fear guide you - right to where you deeply want to go.

The best things are on the other side of your fear.

When you get anxious, do not let it paralyze you.

Instead, remind yourself that you are excited.

Push hard.

And discover the gold that is waiting for you.

What scary step will you take today?

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