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How I Fell Off Track - 10 Days Before My Book Launch

You can drive a long time with a car that you don’t maintain.

But at some point, it will fall apart.

A few weeks ago, I was that car.

At the start of the Corona period, I built a solid morning routine:

7:00 AM - Get out of bed, eat a banana, drink a glass of water

7:10 AM - Go outside for a quick workout: pull-ups and squats

7:40 AM - Shower, cold for the last 2 minutes

7:50 AM - Meditate

8:00 AM - Breakfast with my girlfriend

I felt productive.



But just before the publication of my book, I started to skip parts of my routine.

While the launch date was getting closer, the end of my to do list was further away than ever.

At some point, I skipped my whole routine.

The workout became a rush to the kitchen.

My desk became the breakfast table.

And then, 10 days before launch date, I got sick.

It wasn’t corona.

It was exhaustion.

I could not think clearly.

My laser focus was nowhere to be seen.

After some days off, several walks outside, and many hours of sleep, I got back on track.

Falling ill was a warning sign.

It was a reminder.

It was my body telling me:

No matter how ‘busy’ you are -

Keep maintaining your car.

Don’t wait until you’ve driven too far.

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