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How Thinking About Your Funeral can Help You Today

The coffin passes by.

Sad family walking behind.

Slowly putting one foot –

In front of the other.

Emotion takes over my body.

I feel a tear gliding off my cheek.

Memories of joy play in my mind.



What a contrast.

My former football trainer on his way to his grave.

Not just a football trainer.

A motivator.

A people grower.

An optimist.

“Look at the weather forecast, a matchday full of sun! 

The perfect conditions for a win.”

“Look at the weather forecast, it will rain the whole day! 

That’s great: an excellent setting for sliding tackles.”

His words.

A metaphor for his philosophy in the 62 years he lived.

For me, the funeral was not just a moment of grief and a painful goodbye.

I also had the realization that life doesn’t last forever.

But in line with the philosophy of my football trainer, there is always a positive side.

Funeral exercise

In his famous book, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey describes a powerful exercise: visualize your own funeral.

Imagine all your friends and family coming together.

One by one they go up to the stage to say something about you.

What kind of person were you to them?

What is the life you have lived?

Then, take an honest look at the way you’re l