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This Simple Habit Enhanced my Self-Awareness & Productivity

After each workday, I wrote down:

✅ 1 thing that gave me energy

❌ 1 thing that drained my energy

The result: a list of things that I enjoyed or did not enjoy.

And that was more useful than I thought.

Because the list did not only bring clarity on what I enjoy doing.

Also, the list helped me to make positive changes to my working day.

For example, I wrote down:

✅ ENJOYED: Creating a new training, working for 2 hours without interruptions.

❌ DID NOT ENJOY: Being in a long meeting, in which I couldn't add much value.

Then, I decided to make two changes:

1 ▪️ Block time in my agenda for deep work, without interruptions

2 ▪️ Be more critical when I receive meeting invites

This works for me.

What works for you?

How do you optimize your workday?

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