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What I Learned From a Vietnamese Entrepreneur

It is Monday 2 PM in Dalat, Vietnam.

I’m reading a book by Zig Ziglar on sales.

10 minutes later I would discover a world-class example of how to build trust with your customers.

I didn’t find it in the book.

I would only see the example when I put the book down.

A man approaches me with some smalltalk questions.

Standard sales tactic.

I know what will come after the introduction, but I decide to give him a chance.

He starts to advertise his motorbike tour.

Nothing new here.

Sounds just like the thousand competitors.

But then, he opens his helmet storage.

And he takes out this notebook.

I look at it, and I'm impressed.

The notebook is full of handwritten testimonials for his tour.

All written in the native language.

German, French, Dutch, Spanish.

You name it.

The notebook breathes credibility.

More convincing than a few random pictures of the trip.

Better than online reviews that could be fake.

This man demonstrated the perfect example of social proof.

So smart.

He could have been the founder of TrustPilot.

This Vietnamese man showed me:

  • You don’t need a flashy website.

  • You don’t need 1,000 likes on Facebook.

  • You don’t need an expensive marketing campaign.

All you require to establish trust with your customers -

Is a little creativity.

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