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Speak the Language of Your Audience and Make Your Ideas Magnetic

Hey #data professional, I have a little exercise for you.

Point to the east! Was that difficult?

For people who speak Guugu Yimithirr this would be easy.

Even in caves they always know which way is north.

This aboriginal language from Australia relies on a well-developed sense of direction.

❌ They don’t say:

◾️ “Raise your right hand.”

◾️ “Step backward.”

✅ Instead, they say:

◾️ “Raise your north hand.”

◾️ “Step east”.

As a data professional, you speak a specific language.

Different from many of your colleagues.

Next time, try to speak THEIR language.

Or at least find words you and your colleague both understand.

Whether you want to go north, south, west, or east, I know one thing for sure:

When you speak the language of your audience –

Your insights become magnetic.

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