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What mistakes to avoid in Data Science & Analytics?

MindSpeaking Podcast Episode 10 - Scott Burk, Professor, MS Data Science @ CUNY

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00:00 Introduction

00:24 Introduction of the guest

01:24 Who is Scott Burk in high school?

03:15 What were some of the important decisions that you have made?

06:37 What are the common pitfalls that organizations see or experience when they try to adopt this AI analytics?

08:36 Tips for companies or people that are trying to build AI from building data science

11:21 What is the difference between AI and machine learning?

13:30 Where do you see the market of data scientists takes by moving in in the coming five years?

15:30 Do you think people who have not learned how to code yet should still learn how to code?

16:38 Role of communication in data

21:15 To what extent do people students learn about communication skills and storytelling or developing a business mindset?

24:30 Dale Carnegie & Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

25:36 Something that is not timeless is Technology

27:36 It's all analytics

30:27 Where to follow Scott Burk?

32:06 Conclusion

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Introducing Scott Burk

Gilbert Eijkelenboom

My name is COVID. I'm driven by curiosity, and my aim is to spread insights that you can apply your life starting today. So, let's do it. Let's start mind speaking. Today in a man speaking podcast, I'm talking to Scott Burke. Scott has a PhD in statistics. He's also a professor of data science at CUNY is 30 years of experience and has authored four books about data science and AI I'm asking him, what are the common pitfalls when companies try to adopt AI Data Science and Analytics, and how to make AI programs successful? He's also talking about presenting to non technical people. And I'm asking him because he has four children and even a few grandchildren, how they look at him. How do you see him as a dad that knows so much about technology? So without further ado, let's dive in conversation with Hi Scott, excited to meet you and exciting to talk to you today.

Scott Burk

Hey, Gilbert, good to meet you, as well. Yeah, I've been bored to this.