Ten years ago, I was a professional poker player.


Every day I was optimizing my decisions based on data and human behavior.

"In this situation, what is my best play with Ace-King?"


I don’t play poker anymore, but I am still passionate about psychology and numbers.

My background in Behavioral Economics gave me the theoretical understanding of data and human behavior.

In my analytics career I have experienced how this works in practice.

Also, I've learned that 85% of analytics project fail (Gartner). Strikingly, the main challenge is not data or technology. The main challenge is the interaction between people.

In the last years, I've helped 1,200+ professionals through training and coaching.

Now I use this human-centric approach to enable organizations getting the best out their data opportunities.

Through my training and coaching programs Data & Analytics professionals learn how to ask better questions, communicate with the business, and present their results with data storytelling.

In other words: Soft Skills for Hard Problems.


Data can be lucrative.

Just like Ace-King in poker.

However, if you don’t play it in the right way, it will only cost you money.


Curious how you can play data as a trump card in your



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Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Founder MindSpeaking

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I've founded the company MindSpeaking, because I'm on a mission to help 100,000 analytical thinkers improve their people skills.

What's in the name? 

MindSpeaking is about the 'Mind':

Our complex brain that we use to make decisions in life.

MindSpeaking is about 'Speaking':

We build relationships and express ideas by saying what's inside of us. 

MindSpeaking is about 'Speaking your Mind'.

Don't make the same mistake I made: thinking too much in social interactions.​ I help analytical thinkers to improve their people skills by becoming more open and expressive: speaking what is on their mind.