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From Data Expert to

People Manager

Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching

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We've transformed the communication of Data Leaders at
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Did you become promoted to lead a Data team?


But that leads to new challenges too. You're working less with data.

You're working more with people.

Learn how to tackle these challenges.

🙌  What you can learn

👥 How to Manage a Team
Develop the skills to lead your team effectively, fostering collaboration and high performance.

💬 How to Persuade Stakeholders
Learn techniques to influence and persuade stakeholders, securing support for your initiatives.

🗣️ How to Improve Your Presentation Skills
Enhance your ability to present data and insights clearly and compellingly to various audiences.

⚖️ How to Handle Difficult Conversations
Equip yourself with strategies to navigate and resolve conflicts within your team and with stakeholders.

📋 How to Delegate Effectively
Master the art of delegation to optimize team productivity and growth.

🎯 How to Set Clear Goals and Expectations
Learn to set and communicate clear, achievable goals to guide your team's efforts.

Your Coach:

Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Data Analyst & MSc
Behavioral Science

Founder of

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50k followers / 20M+ views

People Skills for 
Analytical Thinkers

Has trained 1000s
of Data professionals

Reached millions of people with posts
and videos on Data Storytelling 

Ready to invest in your leadership skills and take your career to the next level?

Book your coaching session now and start your journey from data expert to people manager.

€500 per hour

+ VAT for EU

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