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1-2-1 MindSpeaking: How to talk Data - so that others listen

In this month's edition, you will find:

  • 1 Tip for Data & Analytics to overcome a common mistake when presenting insights, ideas, or recommendations.

  • 2 MindSpeaking Podcast episodes on public speaking, understanding business goals, being productive without burning out, and becoming a more energetic presenter.

  • 1 Quote about how the success of your presentation will be judged.

1 tip for Data & Analytics

You've analyzed the data.

Now you have a logical recommendation.

So people will listen, right?


No matter how good your insights are —

People won't listen to you if you don't speak with conviction.

And there's 1 mistake many people make.

Watch this 60-second video to find out and overcome this mistake.

This tip works best with audio.

Can't watch the video right now?

Then read the below sentences out loud, going up at the end of the sentence (using a higher pitch).

Some people talk like this?

Every sentence sounds like a question?

As a result, the speaker seems uncertain?

Even when they are saying: this is really important?

This is called Uptalk.

Uptalk is a speech pattern where a speaker ends their sentences with a rising pitch.

Many people use Uptalk.

And it's impacting their career.

Step 1: Analyze Uptalk

Record your next presentation or ask someone to give feedback. Pay attention to moments where your voice rises at the end of the sentence.

Step 2: Conquer Uptalk

In your next meeting: try to go down at the end of your sentence. Especially when you have something important to say.

Step 3: Keep on Practicing

Put a daily reminder on your agenda, to help you build the habit of speaking without Uptalk and with conviction.

Exercise to do now:

Say the following, going up at the end:

“This dashboard will help you increase sales?”

Notice it sounds like you're unsure.

Now, go down at the end of the sentence:

“This dashboard will help you increase sales.”

Feel the difference?

Your audience feels it too.

2 MindSpeaking Podcast episodes

Learn how to understand business goals, how to become a better public speaker, and how to make your Data Management program work.

Find out more about productivity, burnout, and how to become a more energetic speaker.

1 Quote to reflect on

The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.”

— Lily Walters

But how do you give your data a clear and convincing voice?

Let's end this blog post by coming back to the introduction (which is a tip by itself).

Presenting isn't just about sharing knowledge.

It's your job to make your message understandable, memorable, and persuasive.

What's the fastest way to do so?


You'll learn more about it in the next 1-2-1 MindSpeaking.

Thank you for reading.

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