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1-2-1 MindSpeaking: Managing Data Teams // How to Persuade with Data

Updated: May 1, 2023

In today's edition, you will find:

  • 1 tip for Data & Analytics: managing data teams

  • 2 MindSpeaking Podcast episodes: 1) How to create a Data-driven culture; 2) Data Storytelling

  • 1 Quote to reflect on: how to persuade with data

1 tip for Data & Analytics

How to manage data teams: Old way • Hire expensive Data Scientists • Give them data • Put them in dark meeting room • Wait 3 months • See no results • Get angry New way • Hire for skills AND curiosity • Create a data culture • Invest in communication skills • Get early feedback • Co-creation with the business • Celebrate results Business impact > Fancy solutions that no one uses.

️2 MindSpeaking Podcast episodes

Favorite part: 14:46 - How to create a data-driven culture

Favorite part: 15:55 - Misconceptions about Data Storytelling

1 Quote to reflect on

"There is only one rule for being a good talker – learn to listen."

— Christopher Morley

My own reflection & practical tip:

When I started my career, I wasn't persuasive. If others weren't convinced, I gave them more data.

This was a mistake. Now, I know that persuasion starts with listening. Persuasion starts with understanding the other person's perspective.

I follow these steps:

  1. Ask: what is important to the other person? What are their goals?

  2. Validate: summarize. Make people feel heard. Check if you've understood well.

  3. Persuade: communicate your message with their goals in mind. How will your dashboard, insights, or data model help them reach their goals? Show that marketeer how your dashboard helps to increase customer satisfaction.

Try it out. Let me know how it goes.

Thank you for reading. Stay curious,


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