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Creating Bad Work: the Key to Success

Drew Dernavic is a successful cartoonist, working for The New Yorker.

He took this picture of a pile of his cartoons:

✅ Accepted ("Yes") vs. ❌ Rejected ("No")

This is a good reminder.

Whatever you create:

🔹 Articles

🔹 Videos

🔹 Podcasts

🔹 Algorithms

🔹 Data visualizations

Your work can be bad.

In the beginning, it will be bad.

My first LinkedIn article was.

I still have lots to learn, but I've surely improved my writing.

If we are afraid to create bad work, our work will never be good.

❌ No experimentation

❌ No feedback

❌ No learning

Want to grow your "Yes"-pile?

Dare to create a bad version.

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