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Design Thinking for Data & Analytics (How to Understand Your End-Users)

MindSpeaking Podcast Episode 11 - Brian T. O'Neill, Founder of Designing for Analytics

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00:00 Introduction

00:24 Introduction of the guest

01:33 Who is Brian T. O'Neill?

05:32 What have you learned about working with engineers

10:50 How can Data professionals think more about end-users?

18:50 Should we work involve designers in Data & Analytics?

24:52 Is there any place for aesthetics in design for analytics?

33:01 Lessons from your music career

37:54 Writing: what you want to write vs. What your audience likes

44:01 How do you balance your company and being a musician?

47:01 What are you working on at the moment?

50:51 Main takeaway for listeners

53:11 Where to follow Brian T. O'Neill?

54:24 Subtractive Design

55:38 Conclusion

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