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From Failure to Philosopher and full-time Data content creator

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

MindSpeaking Podcast Episode 7 - Harpreet Sahota, Data Scientist at Comet

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Introducing Guest

Gilbert Eijkelenboom: So, let's do it. Let's start mind speaking. Today on the mind speaking Podcast. I'm talking to Harpreet sahaja. If you like a bit of a deeper conversation about philosophy, about life and about work that you will like this interaction. In this episode I talked to Harpreet he has is a data scientist working for Comet is a statistician. He is also the podcast host of artists, the artists of data science a podcast I definitely recommend. Yes, over 40,000 followers on LinkedIn. And he also hosts the weekly open office hours next to all that he's also the principal data science mentor at Data Science dream job. He's a busy man, so I'm lucky to have him in the podcast. I really enjoyed this episode about all kinds of things. It's more of a conversational episode. So if that's what you like, you will enjoy this conversation. upgrades. Welcome to the show. Man, thanks for having me. I'm really excited for today. I remember being on your podcast and actually there was my first podcast appearance ever. I was really nervous. And but you call me down and you gave me some good feedback to improve author as well. So I really appreciate that. And it's so fun, so much fun to look back. It's how we interacted and how we collaborated. And now being in this podcast again to speak so thank you for making the time.

Harpreet Sahota: Absolutely.