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Getting and Acing Your Data Science Interview

MindSpeaking Podcast Episode 16 - Nick Singh , Founder of

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00:00:40 Introduction

00:02:21 How did he come up with the name DataLemur

00:03:39 Founding DataLemur

00:05:54 Presenting at Fox News

00:11:19 Common pitfalls and tips for communicating insights to people who are less analytical and less data-oriented

00:18:47 Writing a book

00:23:35 The advantage of social media

00:25:51 What he learned and tips he can give about written communication

00:29:35 Thoughts on cold emailing

00:35:56 Why are people reluctant to reach out?

00:40:18 Sharing his tips and advice about interviews

00:44:58 How does Nick recommend people use the star method in interviews

00:51:13 How to build up mental index

00:55:03 Where can people connect and follow

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Introducing Nick Singh

Gilbert Eijkelenboom:

If you want to land a job in data science, then this podcast interview is for you. Because today we have Nick Singh on the show. He's the best-selling author of Ace the data science interview, and also the founder of DataLemur. And he helps him breakfast SQL q