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How to Overcome Overthinking and Perfectionism

I bought a new whiteboard.

And I thought everything was perfect. But I was WRONG.

I look at the newly mounted whiteboard on my wall.


I smile.

This is going to be the new catalyst for my ideas.

But then, suddenly, my eyes go to the top right corner.

I see the logo of the whiteboard.

Upside down.


I doubt:

“Should I mount the whiteboard again?”

It won’t take that long.

Then, a different thought crosses my mind.

At times, I spend too much time before deciding something is finished.

  • An email.

  • An analysis.

  • A presentation.

Such overthinking slows down my progress.

On the surface, perfectionism seems to be the care for quality.

But often, perfectionism is fear of judgment in disguise.

I decide to keep the whiteboard upside down.

It’s not a harmful mistake.

Quite the contrary.

It’s a perfect reminder.

A useful memo that turns around my perspective.

The goal isn’t to make things perfect.

The goal is to have the courage to say: this is good enough.

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