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Everyone is Creative: How to Train Your Creativity Muscle

My mom told me: "You ARE creative."

After she said this 100 times, I still didn't believe her.

I thought: "I'm not that kind of person."

UNTIL I bumped into this idea of the writer James Altucher.

James' idea: you can train your “idea muscle”.


By writing down 10 ideas every day.

Ideas for a new business, ideas for making meetings more efficient, or ideas for fun activities with your kids.

❌ The topic doesn't matter.

❌ The quality doesn't matter.

✅ The only thing that matters is consistency, because that's how you train your idea muscle.

I tried this for a few months and the results were remarkable.

Some people have little talent to drive a car.

However, with enough training, everyone can learn how to drive.

This applies to all areas.

Not everyone starts with the same ability.

But that doesn't mean you can't train creativity.

I kept telling my mom that I'm not creative.

But after 31 years I have to say:

I changed my mind.

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