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Increasing Dashboard Adoption & Communicating with Stakeholders

MindSpeaking Podcast Episode 12 - Nicholas Kelly, Principal consultant and trainer @ G&K Consulting

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00:00:00 - Introduction

00:02:50 - Tips for meeting new people for the first time

00:05:37 - Internship in Honolulu

00:08:19 - Understanding your audience

00:10:30 - Nick's Career Journey

00:15:00 - Combining business and a relationship

00:16:40 - The Adoption Struggle and how we can prevent it

00:25:01 - Definition of Value Mindset and the Production Mindset

00:28:44 - Tips for talking to stakeholders

00:30:22 - What do you see as the role of a data leader/manager vs. an individual contributor?

00:35:33 – IT and business in one room. Funny story 00:40:08 What's your definition of data storytelling?

00:48:15 – Data viz tip: The Data-to-ink ratio

00:54:00 - About the Dashboard Wireframe kit

00:57:59 - Fun/Quick Questions

00:58:47 - Practical tips for communicating as a Data Analyst

01:00:40 - Key takeaway of the episode

01:02:53 - How do you keep balance? What is your focus at the moment?

01:05:03 - Where can people connect with Nicholas Kelly

01:07:09 - Conclusion

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Introducing Nicholas Kelly

Gilbert Eijkelenboom:

Nicholas Kelly is the author of the book delivering data analytics, and the hands-on leader in BI and analytics with almost 20 years of international experience and we have a lot of stories about that international experience as well that we're going to hear in this episode. He has done a lot of coding by himself, but also has managed large data teams of 25 data scientists, and now he has his own business with a focus on analytics, adoption, and user experience. He's running this business together with his wife, which I admire because I cannot imagine doing a business or running a business together with my girlfriends. But joking aside, what you can find in this episode is tips. For the data analytics, communication, about visualization and creating dashboards. And especially we're going to zoom in on how to increase adoption of dashboards and how to have conversations with stakeholders and end users so that you actually build something that they will be interested in and use. So he's another person, bring the da