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My Top 12 Books in Psychology, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

I was never a big reader.

Until the year 2014. I went on holiday to Cuba and read "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". Something clicked with me.

It was the start of my reading journey.

There is something magical about books.

Books allow you to step into the mind of people who have been accumulating knowledge and experience for years. Or decades.

Books opened my eyes to a new world.

New possibilities.

Books helped me to develop as a person. Becoming more confident. More expressive. More open.

Books challenged my assumptions. Pulled me out of my own head. Out of my own reality.

Books showed me new viewpoints and made me more empathetic. I realized that most people think and live their life in a different way.

Since I went to Cuba for that holiday in 2014, I've been reading at least 20 books per year. I want to keep up that pace. Not for the sake of finishing the books, but because I get

It's hard to select my favorite books, but let's give it a shot anyway:


📙 Laws of Human Nature — Robert Greene

📙 Thinking, Fast and Slow — Daniel Kahneman

📙 Man’s Search for Meaning — Viktor Frankl


📘 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People — Stephen Covey

📘 The Compound Effect — Darren Hardy

📘 Obstacle is the Way — Ryan Holiday


📗 The War of Art — Steven Pressfield

📗 MJ DeMarco — Millionaire Fastlane

📗 The Practice — Seth Godin


📕 Leadership and Self-deception — Arbinger Institute

📕 The Dream Manager — Matthew Kelley

📕 Daring Greatly — Brene Brown

Books are a great way to reflect.

That's why I want to end with a quote that you can reflect on ;-)

"It's not what you get out of the books. It's what the books get out of you."

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