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Social distancing: Data - Business style

Social distancing is new in society.

However, social distancing has been ever-present in #Business, and #Data.

A data scientist told me:

💬 “I avoid the guy from sales guy. He has no idea what he’s talking about.”

Later, the sales guy said:

💬 “I dodge meetings with data people, because they will dive right into the details.”

Of course, everyone has different preferences.

The thing is, both sides need each other.

🔸 People in business roles need some level of data literacy.

🔹 People in data have to understand the business needs.

Conversation between the two groups is key.

Without it, we will never be able to unlock the true value of data.  

Whenever the Coronavirus comes to a halt,

We can stop social distancing in the streets.

Perhaps that is a good time to make another step –

So that we can stop social distancing between business and data too.

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