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The Data Analyst's Guide to Emotional Intelligence

MindSpeaking Podcast Episode 15 - Tom Zierold , Founder of EQuip Coaching & Training Limited

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00:00:22 - Intro

00:02:24 -Tom talks about living on the coast

00:05:30 What is EQuip? When did it start?

00:09:54 How did the process of discovering yourself happen? What helped you learn and gain insights?

00:13:21 What helped Tom to step outside of his comfort zone

00:16:31 How can emotions be data?

00:20:41 How Tom acts on a certain emotion

00:25:16 Finding the right balance in expressing emotion

00:29:58 Understanding the emotion of other people

00:35:07 Tom's coaching questions and what he's seen that has benefited from coaching 00:43:50 What's one question Tom likes to ask people

00:49:45 The importance of having a strong feedback culture

00:53:25 The Keep/Stop/Start Method

01:01:00 Takeaway

01:04:31 Where can people follow Tom

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Introducing Tom Zierold

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