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McKinsey lessons & How to become a proactive Data Analyst

Updated: May 17

MindSpeaking Podcast Episode 14 - João Sousa , Practitioner & consultant at McKinsey

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00:23 Introduction

02:10 How does speaking another language help you in the data world?

04:22 Who is Joao Sousa?

07:23 What have you taken from your experience at McKinsey?

10:44 Do you have any questions that you often ask or prepare before meeting someone?

12:06 Are there situations where a structured approach is not beneficial?

15:50 Do you see a gap in data and business? What are the problems you see?

18:52 What type of communication skills are most important for people working in data?

21:13 How can we develop empathy in data world?

23:35 What does it mean to be a trusted advisor?

25:36 What is the best way to handle quick questions?

31:32 What is something you are curious about right now?

33:09 What have you learned so far?

34:29 Challenges as a data analyst

38:49 What have you learned about creating a narrative?

40:42 Different types of approaches for capturing the attention of the audience

44:05 What is your number one place to go for learning?

45:40 What are the best decisions you've made in your life or career?

46:51 Why does curiosity help with learning?

48:52 Takeaway

50:07 Where can people connect with Joao?

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