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Bridging the Data - Business Gap: Abraham Lincoln Style

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Abraham Lincoln already knew... 👴🏼

One of the reasons that the gap between DATA and BUSINESS exists is:

People do not only have a different skillset;

They often have a different personality too.

And then, quicker than the speed of light:

Differences ⏩ Misunderstanding ⏩ Judging

I've seen it happening:

❗️ A Business team talks about a DATA guy: "He never speaks up. When he does, he always dives into the details."

❗️ Data Scientists gossip about a woman in a BUSINESS role: "She talks so much, even though she doesn't know anything about data and technology. When is she going to stop speaking and take a basic statistics course?"

When someone is different, it's easy to start judging.

It takes less effort than trying to understand the other person.

It's simpler than listening.

Quicker than the road of empathy.

The result?

The gap becomes even bigger.

If you ask me,

That's why one of the key goals of leadership should be:

A culture of curiosity.

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