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Job Descriptions Are Dead - Intrapreneurship & 7 Areas of Impact

Last year I wrote this article about Intrapreneurship.

I believe the article contains several interesting points.

But I got curious - there must be more to it.

That's why I started drawing.

And I came to the below model.

I see 3 important areas of work:

  1. Expectations of other people

  2. Your skills

  3. What is valuable for the organization

Now let's explore each area one by one.

While reading, ask yourself: how much of my work week do I spend in this area?

1)     Waste of time

People have lots of expectations from you.

“This is part of your role.”
“You need to attend this meeting.”

But if these tasks don’t generate business value, it is a waste of time.

Not the right use of your skills. No value for the company.

What to do? Be assertive. Recognize pointless requests and push back.

2)     Not using the right skills of the employee

These are activities that are valuable to the organization. However, looking at your skill set, you can have a bigger impact in other areas. Better to have someone else take care of it.

What to do? Delegate to a colleague. Except when you want to grow your skill set in this area.

3)     Chocolate diet