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Learning Data Science, Mentorship, Humility

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

MindSpeaking Podcast Episode 1 - Danny Ma, Chief Data Mentor @

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Introducing Danny Ma

Gilbert Eijkelenboom: Welcome, everybody. In his first podcast episode, we have Danny Ma on the show. I'm very excited today that he mind I had some LinkedIn chat conversations, but we haven't had the opportunity to speak in person in a real call was Danny is the Chief Data mentor at data with He's also the founder and CEO of Sydney Data Science. And then he is a regular speaker at global data conferences, meetups, and podcasts where he shares the importance of mentorship for old data professionals, and we're gonna dive into the mentorship piece later. He's also an incoming technical instructor, but really and Pearson and 60,000 people following his tips on LinkedIn.

Danny Ma: Thank you so much, Gilbert. It's absolutely an honor to speak with you and to meet with you for the first time as well. So this is really a privilege and thank you so much for the opportunity.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Gilbert Eijkelenboom: Thanks so much. And I think it's fascinating that we are connected from the other side of the globe, right? You're based in Sydney, I'm based in Amsterdam, which is exactly or almost exactly on the other side of the world. So I'm excited to hear from you. You have such an interesting journey. So much to share on data science data analytics, and I'm excited to talk. What I would like to start with is I would like to start by talking about Muy Thai Thai kickboxing. So recently you did a post where you were in action, right? You showed your passion for my time. Can you tell me more about that?

Danny Ma: So Muy Thai is I think it's one of the most effective martial arts if you really need to damage your opponent whilst you're standing up. But apart from that side of the effectiveness of it, I just really enjoy the training to be doing six hours of training a day in Thailand was almost like a dream because I just love working out and doing all those things that were really challenging. These days, I'm not training six hours a day, but I still like going on relatively long runs when I can so anywhere from maybe around eight kilometers is my average running distance. But I just liked the feeling of getting your body moving and doing things that are challenging and always trying to improve and learn new things. And I think that goes not just for kickboxing. And Muay Thai but also for our careers and data and everything else that we're we're learning in life in general.

Who is Danny Ma in high school?