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A Hitch Hiking Story: Opportunity in Uncertainty

I am hitchhiking in New Zealand.

It has been fun.

But none of the days were as unexpected as today.

After a long drive I get dropped in Haast.

I thought it was a small city – easy to get my next ride.

But I have been way too optimistic.

Haast has a population of only 240 people.

The few cars that pass, drive by like they don’t see me.

I feel invisible.

It’s getting late.

Almost dinner time and still 2.5 hours to go to my next destination – Franz Josef.

I fumble in my backpack for my bottle of water.

I find it. Empty.

I eat the last few walnuts and zip my jacket.

Slowly the temperature drops, and I hear my mind saying: “Go find a hotel.”

I decide to listen.

I turn around to grab my backpack, not aware anymore what is happening around me.

Then, suddenly, I hear screeching tires.

I turn.

The door of an SUV opens.

Three smiling women and loud pop music make a warm welcome.

Franz Josef, here we go.

The beats of Justin Bieber have never felt this good before.

In times of uncertainty, we doubt. And that is perfectly normal.

Ambiguity creates concern.

Adversity breeds anxiety.

But remember:

Even in the most hopeless situation,

There are always people willing to help you.

And sometimes, your biggest opportunity –

Arrives at a time you expect it the least.

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