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A Taxi Driver in Spain

It feels great to be back in Spain.

Looking around, I quickly spot what I’m looking for and I raise my arm.

Then I greet the taxi driver and cram my tall Dutch body into the front seat.

Unsurprisingly, his name is David.

Just like 90% of the Spanish males.

Also, his personality reflects a large part of the population.

Warm and open.

Interested in your life.

Stumbling over my Spanish vocabulary, I ask what is going on for him.

David is going to retire in March.

He is looking forward, as his revenue from driving dropped by half.

Every time he spots a new black car he points at it.

“Uber took my income.”

David has no resentment, but I feel the disappointment in his voice.

At the end of each salary there is a bit of month left.

My philosophy is that you are responsible for your own life.

In Western countries there are tons of ways to improve your income.

Moreover, I love new technology like Uber.

Better customer experience.

And efficiency.

But our cab conversation was different compared to chats with other taxi drivers.

It made me realize that improving in life is not as easy for everyone.

Good to be out of my corporate technology bubble -

And see the real impact on society.

Enjoy your retirement, David.

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